Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're growing

Today a surprise guest came to my door as Guy and I were eating our dinner - vegetable curry over brown rice. Gary lives just a few doors from us, and we've met him before, once or twice. He stopped to turn in his signup form for 10-step CAP, which he'd found out about at the Wildflower Cafe. He joined us for supper and we had a delightful conversation with him. He recommended two books that I'll try to read soon: No Impact, about a couple that lived a very low-impact life in New York City; and Better Off, about a couple that lived on a Mennonite farm in the mid-west.

I think 10-step CAP is going to grow quickly now, and I encourage you to help recruit more people, not in a large way, not through the public realm of Facebook or the like, but from among your immediate friends and family.