Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fifteen signees

Here's a link to the newspaper article in New Braunfels - click here.

Our new member is from Houston. I'm now counting another person from the Lehigh Valley who hasn't filled out the paperwork but has signed on by saying so on the blog comments. Here's a list of all of us:
Bete - Brazil
Sofia - Brazil
ZH - Massachusetts
Tim - Pennsylvania
Guy - Pennsylvania
Greta - Pennsylvania
NB - Texas
SS - Pennsylvania
KH - Pennsylvania
EH - Pennsylvania
Jeff - Pennsylvania
MW - Pennsylvania
DL - Pennsylvania
G.. - Pennsylvania
NH - Texas

I would like to use people's names rather than initials. Some of you have already said you're OK with listing your full name. In case of those who need to keep a low profile, a nickname or code name would be fine. I'll try to reach everyone soon on this matter.

1 comment:

Bete said...

I'm so glad to see this blog up. I look forward to starting out on this endeavor with the others of you.
I'm fine with sharing my full name.
Bete Browne from Brazil