Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Steps for Children

I want to thank Christina, a fifth grader from the Boston area, who added her comment to the last post on this blog. She followed my Climate Walk last year and often left comments on the Children's Blog. On her own blog she described a dream of hers where the Climate Crisis had been successfully resolved and President Obama was giving out awards to those who helped save the planet. In her dream I received an award for my Climate Walk. How inspiring!

I asked Christina if she thought we should start a 10 Step Program for children and she was enthusiastic. So I've drawn up a first draft and would love to have some of you help me get this going. I can imagine getting it ready to be launched along with our 10StepCAP on Earth Day next month. Please email me if you would like to help.

Also, please notice the two additional pieces that are now posted in the left column: a list of all the signees, and instructions for signing on. I also added the extra words to Step #2.

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