Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The first article about 10StepCAP

One of our participants, Jeff from Bethlehem, wrote an excellent article about 10StepCAP for the Lepoco monthly newsletter. For those of you who don't live here, Lepoco is our wonderful peace center, that has been in existence since 1965, one of the oldest non-stop peace organizations in the country. To see the article, go to, and click on current newsletter (or March 2010), and scroll down to page 4, The Struggle Shared, where our 10-StepCAP shares the page with Howard Zinn!

I've received three responses to my questions in the last post: there is some disagreement as to whether to change the wording of Step #2 or leave it as is, or was. I hope to hear from a few more people. Changes can easily be made before Earth Day, but after that I would be reluctant to keep changing the basic pledge. So if you can spend a bit of time in the next three weeks or so thinking about the pledge and the explanation sheet I would be grateful.

Thanks, Greta


christina said...

hi nana greta. you might not remember me but im christina, one of ms harts old students

Greta said...

Of course I remember you, Christina. It's good to hear from you. Are you still keeping your blog?

Do you want to sign on to 10StepCAP?

Do you think I we should make a children's version?

Love, Nana Greta

christina said...

yes I am sill have my blog. i just havent writen on it in a while. and yes i love to sign up for the 10stepcap. and yes you should make a chlidrens and a program (which would be cool)

let ms hart know I said hi

From, Christina

Sofia said...

Wow, great article in the LEPOCO newsletter.

And Christina, HELLO! It's Ms. Hart. I'm so proud of you for wanting to sign up for the CAP. Hope all's well with you, my dear.